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Letterbox is an anonymous pen pal app with a focus on wellbeing. Letterbox acknowledges that many social media platforms create additional pressures for users and seeks to address this.

Letterbox’s core message is to open the conversation to a new era of social media that is caring, considerate and inclusive to everyone – no matter the age. With isolation impacting everyone, it was important for Letterbox to be easy to use for all ages and to offer as much support as possible. The Letterbox community works in a way that is special and like no other. Connecting through a modern pen pal messaging style, users look out for one another. Working together to share their experiences and give advice during difficult or best of times.

Duration: 9 months

Methods: Surveys, interviews, user-flow, personas, wireframes and user-testing

Tools: Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator

Letterbox was developed to create a community for those seeking support from like-minded others. More specifically, Letterbox is a response to the pandemic, which is still an occurring problem.  Isolation impacted everyone and loneliness in every age group has shed light on a massive issue.

With the pandemic affecting me personally with my well-being, I spent a considerate amount of time looking for a platform that I would feel comfortable using. However, I struggled to find any. During this time, I and many others were stuck at home feeling bored, lost, lonely and resulting in the infinite scroll to fulfil the need of socialising. Knowing I was not the only one out there, I knew something needed to be done. Therefore, Letterbox was created. A place to become inspired and socialise with people that care, under a supportive network.

Along with a Red Panda companion to engage users on their journey, the app allows people to create an avatar, stripping away the pressure of self-image. Additionally, the platform involves articles, activities, advice on self-care and a journal to document progress whilst using the app. Letterbox understands that is not a replacement for professional help, but we hope to offer a space that can support everyone. With this, Letterbox provides links to organisations that can offer professional help for those in a crisis.

A unique factor to Letterbox is that the app is anonymous. When creating the platform, we believed it was important that Letterbox separates itself from mainstream media. It instead caters towards putting the wellbeing of its users first. This allows people to have their own privacy and not needing to worry about judgment. Letterbox is a break away from the repetitiveness of mainstream social networks and strives to create a healthy and positive space for those looking to getaway. Not only is Letterbox crucial now during this current time when society and social activity is evolving but also in the future, during these unexpected times. Overall, the mission of Letterbox is to become an app where people come to talk, learn and support. An app and community that cares and shares.

Here, you will be able to see our UX/UI design process of how Letterbox first started off as, until the final finished product:

The Project






User-flow Chart


Rough Sketches

Screen Designs